Our Doctors

Dentistry is my profession, but people are my focus

Dato’ Dr. Marina David



1963 – 1968    St. Teresa’s Convent, Kuala Lumpur
1969 – 1973    Clifford Secondary School, Kuala Lipis, Pahang
1974 – 1977    Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, India (Pre-U & 1st BSC)
1977 – 1978    Sri Mahaveera College, Moodabidri (Pre-Med)
1978 – 1982    Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India (BDS)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery




1969 – 1973    Patrol Leader and Troop Leader for 4th Kuala Lipis Girl Guide Company
1970 – 1973    School rep for Netball & Hockey
1971                School rep from district – attended Minggu Belia National level KL
1979 – 1981    University rep for Badminton – Intervarsity games
Member of Leo Club, Manipal India – involved in community outreach with the poor
2007 – 2017   Founder & Director of Living Spring Enterprise – set up for community outreach and charity work



1983 – 1984         Dental Surgeon at the Vietnamese Refugee Camp (the boat people) in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur under UNHCR
1984 – 1986         Dental Officer Hospital Daerah Muar Johor
1986 – Current   Dental Surgeon and owner of Klinik Pergigian A Marina, Penang, Malaysia
1995                     Second clinic – Klinik Pergigian A Marina Balik Pulau, Penang
1989 – 1992         Founder & Director of Marina-Leong-Neoh Group Practice Penang
1992                     Founded Marina Dental Consortium (1st Dental Consortium in Penang)
January 2022      Lecturer Penang International Dental College


  1. YWCA Penang, President YWCA Penang

8 Terms: 2000-2006, 2008-2012, 2016-2022

  • Trustee YWCA Penang
  • Chairperson Kindergarten Board YWCA Penang
    • Initiated awareness programme of the Importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle among the children at the YWCA kindergarten.
  • Initiated the computer literacy programme (Sponsored by Microsoft Malaysia) among the youth, marginalized and senior citizens
  • Initiated the ‘helping hands project’ – Free tuition for the Children from Rumah Kebajikan Sri Cahaya at the YWCA.
  • Planned ongoing projects for the empowerment of women of lower income group.
  • Editor of the Silver Jubilee YWCA Penang Centenary Coffee Table Book titled ‘Touching hearts and changing lives in Penang, Malaysia for 100 years 1909-2009’
  • Fund Raising Dinner at the Silver Jubilee Celebrations for the beneficiary, hospice and children’s protection society.
  • Raised funds to settle land lease of the YWCA Penang in 2013
  • Fund raising and initiations of Collection Centre for the various national disaster and victims for examples Acheh Tsumani Victims, Myanmar Cyclone, Batam Indonesia, Orang Asli in Perak
  • Chairperson and Organiser for the 3 day Centenary Celebration of YWCA Penang (the oldest NGO in the country) which was attended by YWCA members at national and regional levels including the world YWCA President from Geneva in 2009


  1. YWCA Malaysia, National President YWCA Malaysia

4 Terms: 2008-2010, 2014-2016, 2016 – 2018, 2018 – 2020

  • Trustee YWCA Malaysia
  • Represented Malaysia at the world YWCA council and international women’s summits at:
    • 2007 – Nairobi, Kenya
    • 2007 – Attended pre-council in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, participated in conferences on HIV and visited HIV Positive villages to spend time with the children and women.
    • 2011 – Geneva, Switzerland
    • 2015 – Bangkok, Thailand
    • 2019 – Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Represented and participated at regional training institute, Bali in Indonesia in 2009 – ‘women creating safe and secure communities’
  • Represented and participated regional training institute – South Korea, 2019


  1. School Board of the Parent Teacher Committee of SMK Bukit Jambul, Penang (2009-2013)


  1. MMK Belia dan Sukan, Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Komuniti, Penang State Government

2009 – 2011

Help establish and over-see in 2011, Before and After School Childcare Centre at Taman Serumpun, on behalf of the Penang State Government, for women to return to the workforce.


  1. Penang Women’s Development Cooperation (PWDC)
    Director 2011-2018
  • Involved in the policy making and guidelines for the establishment for childcare centers at the workplace.
  • Planning activities for the empowerment of women.
  • 2011-2015 Chairperson of Penang State Child Care Committee


  1. Soroptimist International Penang (SIP)

2014 – 2016

  • Organised health camps to bring about awareness in menopause and cancer (breast and cervix)
  • Organised women’s defense workshops


  1. Women’s institute of management (WIM)

2015 – Current

Advisory Panel to the ongoing activities and projects organed by WIM


  1. Prison Ministry Penang

2013 – Current

Member of prison fellowship Malaysia – doing weekly prison visits to council female inmates.


  1. Community AIDS Service Penang (CASP) – Life Member
  • 2006 – 2010 – Committee Member
  • 2010 – Honorary Secretary


  1. Church/Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Penang
  • 1998 – Social Worker
  • 2000 – 2004 Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council of the Cathedral
  • Chairperson of the faith sharers committee and in charge of form 4 and form 5 students, teaching Sunday school, and planning formation and camps.
  • Finance Committee of the Cathedral Council
  • Secretary of the Diocesan Finance Committee Headed by the Bishop
  • Chairperson of the renovation committee and fund raising for the conversion from Church of the Holy Spirit to Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in 2004.
  • Chairperson for the cathedral celebrations solemnised by the Pope’s representative from the Vatican
  • Editor for the Penang Diocesean Golden Jubilee Commemorative Magazine 1955 – 2005 (A record of all churches and chapels in the Penang Diocese (Perak, Kedah, Perlis, Pulau Pinang, Kelantan)


  1. Inter-Religious involvement

Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBBCHST)

2005 – 2007

  • Majlis perundingan Ugama Budhha, Kristian, Hindu, Sikh and Taoist, Penang Branch.
  • Planning inter-religious dialogues for ecumenism



  • Christian speaker at the inter-faith dialogue held in Penang, 2008, organized by Wanita Jemaah Islah Malaysia



  1. Malaysian Dental Association – Life Member
  • Served in the sub-committee for HIV and AIDS in 1992
  1. Fellowship in the International College of Dentists – 2017
  • Granted in recognition of a dentist’s outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of humankind.
  1. Malaysian Private Dental Practitioners Association
  2. Penang Centre of Medical Tourism (PMeD)



2010    Pingat Jasa Kebaktian (PJK) by the Yang di-Pertuan Negeri Pulau Pinang

2012    Darjah Johan Negeri (DJN) by the Yang di-Pertuan Negeri Pulau Pinang

2014    Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri (DSPN) by the Yang di-Pertuan Negeri Pulau Pinang, which carries the title ‘Dato’